Work space playlist

Because I work alone the majority of the time, I always need music to keep me amped up and going strong though out the day. It really helps me focus and stay in the zone when I have a killer playlist to go along with my mood.

The following playlist has been my current GO-TO this summer when I’m in my design zone!

Check it out on SPOTIFY.

Chanel  | Frank Ocean

Feel Alright | Poolside

Hard to Say Goodbye | Washed Out

The Best Crew | Tep No

Stargirl Interlude | The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey

Ruin | Shawn Mendes

Cold War | Cautious Clay

Blue Jeans | Lana Del Rey

Needy | Ariana Grande

Location | Khalid

1950 | King Princess

Fortress | Lennon Stella