Social Media Audit

Spoiler alert: The answer is probably yes.

Don’t be offended! Everyone needs an audit every now and then! I usually suggest my clients take a good hard look at their accounts every 4-5 months to see where they might be lacking and what they can expand on.

I go into full blown nitty gritty details -but, of course, in a nice, constructive criticism type of way ;) - in my biz boot camps but I did want to share some easy ways you can refresh your presence on social media by asking yourself a few simple questions.

The most important question (seriously, if you decide to only pay attention to ONE thing - this is it) to ask yourself is…

1. Would I follow me?

Let’s face it, we’re picky about who we let crowd up our news feeds. And we should be! It takes a lot to slow our scroll these days. So, ask yourself..if you came across your Instagram (or Facebook or YouTube) page, would you stop to look through the pictures or videos? Would you follow yourself? Why (or why not)? Take a minute to think about what helps your decision to start following or connecting with someone else on social media. Is it their pictures? Is it the type of information they’re sharing? Are they great and engaging on video? Take notes and reevaluate!

2. Am I adding value?

Are you sharing good, valuable content? Or do you find that you’re posting just to post? People are busy and they want to know what you can do for them! It doesn’t necessarily need to be over the top, life changing content every day, but be sure you’re posting with intention. Are you making people think? Or maybe you’re making them laugh? Bringing them joy? Whatever it is..make sure you OFFER more often than you ASK.

3. Is my brand consistent?

Do your photos flow well together? Is your content all over the place? Is your voice and personality consistent through your platforms? What about your color scheme? No need to make things perfectly uniform (because perfect can be quite boring too) but odds are things could tightened up just a bit in the visual department. Maybe it’s time for a little website facelift or some new headshots.

4. Am I actually ‘social’ on social media?

Are you making a point to engage with other people on your accounts? Making real, genuine connections? Isn’t that what social media is all about? To connect with people that you might not meet in ‘real life’? So often we find ourselves just using it as a tool to fuel our own growth without focusing on the actual relationships we could be building. I always tell people that the number of followers you have means absolutely NOTHING if you aren’t connecting with them. I’d so much rather see someone engaged with their 500 followers than detached from their 50,000.

5. Am I still having fun?

Are you enjoying your platforms?! Do you remember when you first started out how much fun it was to take pictures, edit your videos, or write your blog posts? Well, if it no longer feels as exciting, it’s time to make some changes! It should never feel like an obligation to post (and to be honest, it totally shows through to your audience when it is). Figure out what excites you about creating new content. Maybe you’re over extending yourself by trying to be active on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and your blog. (I’m exhausted even just typing all of those out). If you’re trying to navigate it ALL, you’re probably burning yourself out. Stick to your favorite avenue and go ALL IN there. Remember, you can do anything..but you can’t do everything.

Interested in getting a one-on-one personalized audit on all of your social media accounts and website? Contact me for details!

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