When it comes to building a social media presence, you don’t have to be a professional photographer or have a ton of expensive, fancy equipment. You do however, need to have well lit photos and videos that are appealing to the eye - but this can totally be done with your smart phone and a few added gadgets!

Insert Amazon.

Oh Amazon, where would I be without you? [Probably at Target buying 1,264 things I don’t need].

First up, we have the #1 thing I recommend all my clients who are serious about growing their online presence through video get…

Such a game changer! Prices range from $80 to $300+ but if you’re just starting out, this one will be more than ok for you! These are great for selfies, portraits, and videos. It’ll give you professional lighting anywhere in your home! If you can fit the $80 in your budget, get this now!

Not quite ready to spend that much money? Then go ahead and opt for the much smaller, much more affordable version.

This handy little ring light is only $10 and clips right to your cell phone or laptop. While it won’t give you complete professional lighting, it will help the pictures and videos taken on your phone look much brighter, even in darker rooms or photos taken at night. Grab one HERE.

Find that you like more outdoor style or travel pictures? This handy (and pretty) tripod has been my go-to..


There is nothing wrong with taking pictures of yourself while you’re out. You want good content? Do what you gotta do to make it happen! And to be honest, I usually prefer the photos I take of myself over the those that someone else takes of me. Probably because I’m less awkward in my posing when I’m alone- ha! Still need to work on that! But really, I do love this tripod - it’s compact, comes with a travel bag and is just the right price at $15. If you plan to use this with your smartphone, make sure to pick up this clip to attach to it. You can definitely just use the timer on your phone BUT this little Bluetooth clicker will make your life a whole lot easier (and it’s only $8).

Do you film videos for your biz but don’t really feel the need for a super high-end microphone just yet? This mini mic clips right onto your shirt and right into your smartphone.

Though small, this mic is mighty - it has such CLEAR SOUND in comparison with built-in Android / iPhone microphones and reduces the noise of recording. And the best part, it’s only $11.99!

If you’d like to see all of these in one place, plus a few others, you can check out my Amazon store HERE for a full list of all of my favorite products (affiliate link? You betcha - but I would never ever recommend products (or people for that matter) that I don’t truly love).