Stronger Girls Together

I don’t think I’ve worked on a project more near and dear to my heart than this one. Stronger Girls Together is an organization that works with young girls, ages 8-12, to engage them in activities to strengthen peer-to-peer communication, community-building, and leadership skills.

They promote entrepreneurial spirit and personal, spiritual, and ethical development, while providing resources for their families and caregivers. Can you imagine if you had a program like this when you were younger? I’m so excited to watch them grow this program!

For their design, they wanted to keep things fresh, fun, and on brand with their bright, colorful vibe. We gave them a website that was easy to navigate and could host their many programs and event sign ups. Check out the full site below (and if you have young girls that you think could benefit from this, get them signed up!).

When girls are educated, healthy, and empowered, families are happier and stronger.